Bring the Family
together at dinner
during tricky times

Delicious dinners delivered or picked up through our Drive Thru that the whole family can enjoy!


Our Family First Meal Pack Options. Chefs Selection

Meal Options

Family servings fit for a family of 4-6

  • Thai red chicken curry – wild rice pilaf Minimum
  • Peri-peri chicken – sweet potato, greens (GF, DF)
  • Pesto chicken, broccoli, pasta
  • Soy and ginger beef, hoiekenn noodles (DF)
  • Beef lasagne
  • Chicken and chorizo paella (GF, DF)
  • Moroccan chicken tagine, chorizo, chickpeas (GF, DF)

GF= Gluten Free DF= Dairy Free V= Vegan

Meal Options

Family servings fit for a family of 2

    • Vegetable taco hash (V,DF,GF)
    • Sweet potato and coconut curry (V,DF,GF)
    • Vegetarian fried rice (V,DF,GF)
    • Cauliflower, chickpea curry, jasmine rice (V,DF)
    • Tuscan vegetable risotto (V,DF,GF)
    • Tamarind Eggplant and tomato curry, rice (V,DF,GF)
    • Ginger tofu, Asian greens Vermicelli noodles (V,DF,GF) 

Additional Sides and Salads are also available. Download our Menu for more details!

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